Meet Our 8th Annual BuzzZinOFF Awards Honoree Pastor Jolinda Wade 9.8.18

Pastor Jolinda Wade

As a teacher, motivator, and spiritual leader Pastor Jolinda Wade serves as the Senior Pastor of New Creation Binding and Loosing Ministries Int’l in her native hometown of Chicago, Illinois. In just a few short years, Pastor Wade has become one of the most charismatic and dynamic speakers in the country. Through New Creation Binding and Loosing ministries, she is able to focus on the community in which she serves. Pastor Wade has participated in a domestic violence walk for children in Puerto Rico, establishing ties with politicians & spokes the person for recovery addiction alcohol center program with Loretto Hospital in Chicago. In addition to her duties with the ministry, Pastor Wade is the mother of four adult children (3 girls: Tragil, Keisha, Deanna and 1 son NBA star Dwayne Wade) as well as the proud grandmother of nine.

Pastor Wade’s passion for uplifting the lost and broken is rooted in her own remarkable journey from the streets to the pulpit. Over time, she underwent a miraculous transformation behind bars, until she found herself being used by God to Minister to fellow inmates, Prison Administrators and guards that took note of the change she underwent in the Maximum Security Tier of the Federal Penitentiary. She was released from prison for the final time on good behavior in 2003. Her prayers was answered when she received an invite back to the prison as a guest minister, it was an invitation she did not take lightly. She determined to make good on her promise to serve the Lord. Pastor Jolinda Wade immediately set out to lay the groundwork for her ministry.

Over the years, Pastor Wade established B.B.T foundation with an all girl’s camp, sewing ministry and penned her autobiography, “Divine Grace Behind the Walls published in 2010. Her weekly radio broadcast, which can be heard on 1570 A.M., is centered on changing LIVES with Prayer, Empowering Families and Spreading the Word of God. Her Greatest Mission is her Annual Food & Clothing drive that she provides to hundreds of families across Chicago.

Additionally Pastor Wade has received a Faithful works in the community award given by the Chicago Defender in 2011 and on September 2016 Saint Bernard Hospital awarded her the 1st recipient State Representative Esther Galor award called Heart of the community.

Her most recent endeavor allows her to do more of the community service she has become known for. The program she has established with Wades World Foundation live to Dream Camp is called Show Me Your Blackness. This program taught by Pastor Jolinda Wade to engage the youth about the violence that was overtaking the youth not just in Chicago but the whole country. This Program is an insight to keep the youth engage in our history from the future to the present. This is why she wrote a rap called Who’s Going to Help Me Raise My Child?

Pastor Jolinda Wade worked diligently to establish her ministry, she is quick to give credit where it is due. She sums up her feelings in one of her favorite testimonies: “If God can take me from the gutter most to the uttermost, then, he can do it for anybody!” Through it all, Pastor Wade never lost sight of her purpose: to bring honor and glory to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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